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What Are Cream And Lotion?

Different Creams and Lotion are essential steps in everyone’s skincare routine. If you do follow a skincare routine, then a Cream or a Lotion is most likely in there. If it isn’t then be sure to add it on. It is a very easy step that anyone can implement. They provide many different benefits to your day-to-day life, like fewer signs of again, Hydrated Skin that is smooth and soft. The Benefits are tremendous in almost every category no matter how much you look into it.

What are Lotion and Creams? What is the difference between them?

The 2 items may seem similar at first look, but they are quite opposite in many categories. Though, at their core, they are still good for you. Just use them at the correct times and what is best for your type of skin.

The lotion is a less greasy alternative to most creams. It is ideal for warmer seasons like summer. The lotion is packed with a lot of water and just a few droplets of oil which is why it is thinner. The lotion is a low viscosity item and should be used for people who have “normal” skin or dry skin. The item is also quickly absorbed into the skin.

The cream is generally a higher viscosity product and is best used in colder months like winter. Unlike Lotion, Creams typically have more oil than water in them, because of that, Creams are greasier, much thicker, and don’t have the runny texture that lotion does. They are also good for people who have dry or oily skin. The cream is also good to put on your hands, arms, and legs. Due to the cream’s thickness, Cream is typically stored in small tubs.

What should you use? Lotion or Creams?

That only leaves the question. Should you use Lotion or cream? The answer isn’t all that simple. There are a few factors at play that determines this answer. One factor is the weather. As said above, Lotion should be used in warmer months like summer and Cream should be used in Winter. Though, if the Lotion or Cream that you are eying is catered to your skin, it is up to you to make that decision. It all comes down to your skin’s needs and you should listen to that. Generally, Lotion is better for people with dry skin compared to some creams, while Cream is usually better for people with oily skin.

When to Moisturize Your Body

You should make an effort to moisturize your body with whatever item you have on hand. That being said, although you can use the product anytime, it is smart to use it at certain times to get the most use out of it. Some cream and lotion also act as moisturizers. They aren’t hard to find and using any moisturizer will benefit you tremendously. Knowing that, let’s recommend some great times to apply your cream and lotion!

Lotion After Shaving

It is important to apply moisturizer after shaving. Use any moisturizer of your choosing. You do this because of many reasons. The most important reason is to protect your skin from escaping moisturizer. If you don’t apply any moisturizer, then your skin will likely be quite dry because of the common effects of water and soap. Though, The negative effects of those vary between the quantity of water and soap used. Despite that, it is still recommended to use Moisturizer after shaving. It will also keep your skin healthy and ready for the next time you shave.

Lotion After a Shower

Applying lotion after a shower is prime time to do so. This is because your body is very moist after a shower, but water evaporates quickly so it will leave your skin feeling dry. It has probably been happening to you! So when you apply lotion after that shower, the moisture will be locked in and will do wonders for your skin. Be sure to add that simple step to your skincare routine.

Before Exercise

Exercising in colder months may induce dryness on parts of your skin so it is recommended to apply body lotion. Doing this will reduce the dryness. Another reason is to fight itchy and scaly skin which body lotion will protect you from if applied. The Idea lotion will certainly combat these issues on your behalf and will benefit you in the short and long run.

Before Sleeping

Fun fact, Did you know while you sleep, moisture is being pulled out of your body? If you didn’t know then you can change that by applying lotion before sleeping. If you shower before sleeping, then you’re in luck since you will be fixing two problems in similar time frames. Dryness from a shower using the lotion to lock in the moisture, and prevent moisture from being pulled out of your body while you’re sleeping.

Why should you use Lotion and Cream?

What Are Cream And Lotion? | Urban Living

If you care about your skin even just a little, then you need to get a lotion or cream. Different lotions and creams have a set of many different benefits. Although there are so many, some notable benefits that each share are, Preventing dry skin and many other skin problems just in general, Keeping your skin nice, smooth, and soft, and many more.

Applying Lotion or Cream on the Face

“Can I put lotion on my face?” is a frequently asked question. The answer is no, but, you Creams can be safely applied on your face. It really comes down to what is inside lotions which makes the product harmful for your face. Though, Creams are generally a much safer and healthier option. There is also a vast selection of creams solely focused on benefiting the face and only the face.


There are many topics focused on certain categories, in this case, Cream and Lotion. We also have many other articles giving you valuable insight into the basics of certain subjects. Talking about this, We have talked about the basics of using cream and lotions for your skincare routine including its wonderful benefits!

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