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The Unibond Aero 360: A Complete Guide

All through this blog post. We’ll go over some of the most important features and benefits of the Unibond Aero 360. As well as how it might be beneficial to your household.

What Exactly Unibond Aero 360 Is?

The Unibond Aero 360 is a compact plastic container that features air vents that allow for air circulation.

There is a special tablet inside the unit that absorbs excess moisture from the air and releases it as water in the tank beneath the device.

Where To Use The Unibond Aero 360?

The Aero 360 can be used in bedrooms, dining areas, corridors, and more.

No markings will be left behind on the shelf or window sill. where you position it because of its modest size and silent operation.

Due to its relatively high moisture content. The Aero 360 isn’t a good choice for wet environments like cellars or garages.

How Long Does It Last?

The Unibond Aero 360: A Complete Guide - Urban Living

While the Unibond Aero 360 may appear to have a short shelf life, it actually lasts quite a while.

In a 20-square-foot room, the Aero 360’s standard-sized tab can last up to three months.

After 12 hours, you’ll observe the first drop of water and it will continue to accumulate over the following months.

It is simple to empty the water tank. If it becomes full or is on the verge of becoming full by simply open and remove the plug.

Because the water in the tank will be contaminated by the tablet. You should be careful about what you put in it.

Why Would You Use Unibond Aero?

Compactness is the strongest point for the Unibond Aero 360.

Because it doesn’t require power or batteries to operate, it can be left on all day and night.

Compared to a dehumidifier, this is preferable for some individuals. Because once you buy the unit and refill it, that’s all you need. You do not have to pay anything to operate it. 

Depending on the moisture level in your home. Each tab can survive for up to three months, but this might vary greatly.

The water may be emptied and the plastic unit can be cleaned of any remaining tablet debris. Once the Aero tab has completely disintegrated.

Refills for the device are available for a comparatively low price. Four for 12 pounds is a reasonable price.

To get the starting pack unit. This includes one tab and a box of refills, you would pay less than £20 to use it for a year.

In order to keep the Aero Bond 360 operating for the entire year. You should purchase the regular starter pack which includes one tub and one box of refills.

A few days at a time can be spent moving the unit around the house, or you can leave it in the same location for long periods of time.

As a rule, most individuals store their tablets in a single room and forget about it until the battery dies.

Is Unibond Aero 360 Easy To Operate?

Yes, using and setting it up is a simple task.

The plastic enclosure is normally pre-assembled, so all you have to do is open it and insert a tablet. To keep the pills fresh, they are packaged in a sealed foil packet.

When inserting the tablet. It is vital not to touch it too much with your hands, since this could affect the tablet’s ability to draw moisture from the air.

Does It Work?

The Unibond Aero 360: A Complete Guide - Urban Living

When it comes to removing moisture from the air, the Unibond Aero 360 is particularly effective.

In the past, we’ve utilized one and moved it around the house for months on end. All year long, we had three units that we rotated about the home and utilized whenever we wanted.

We discovered that they filled up quickly because our house was so moist at the time.

We opted to acquire a dehumidifier. That we could run all year round without needing to replace any parts after purchasing refills and evaluating the cost of refills.

We only need to pay for the dehumidifier’s modest quantity of electricity.

We found that the Unibond Aero 360 required regular emptying and was easy to refuel. The tablet will dissolve more quickly if you have a wet house like us.

It’s better to go with the Uni Bond Aero 360. If you have a typical house with morning humidity on the windows.


  • Apart from the odd dripping sound from the tank, the Unibond Aero 360 is completely silent!
  • If you live in a somewhat humid environment, the tablet cartridge will not need to be replaced as regularly.
  • Compared to a dehumidifier, the tank container and cartridges are far less expensive. In lieu of the Unibond Aero 360, this is an option.
  • A dehumidifier only extracts water from one room at a time. However, this method of moisture collecting allows you to gather water from numerous rooms at the same time.
  • The water tank is self-sealing with a stopper, and the plastic casing for the tap is sturdy. You won’t have a huge pool of water on the floor if the unit is inadvertently knocked onto the floor.


  • If you install them around your house. You’ll likely want to put them behind curtains because they’re not the most attractive type of device.
  • If nothing else, it’s better than nothing.
  • There is no way to limit how quickly the tablet is consumed, other than the maximum of four months.
  • Aero 360 cartridges are meant to be thrown away. Once they are used to remove moisture from a room. Which is why they were designed in this manner in the first place
  • Humidity problems in the kitchen, bathroom, or cellar. Can’t be solved by using the Unibond Aero 360, because the humidity level is simply too high and constant.

The Unibond Aero 360 Is Best Suited For What Type Of User?

The Unibond Aero 360: A Complete Guide - Urban Living

Minimalists will appreciate the Unibond Aero 360. Dehumidifiers might be difficult to store and use for people with limited space.

An electric dehumidifier may be difficult to move, set up, and empty for those who are elderly or disabled. Their weight and bulk can make them difficult to move. Weight and portability are two of the Unibond Aero 360’s greatest advantages.

As a student or a parent of a student. Who is attending university and living in student housing, this article is for you? As a gift, one or more Unibond Aero 360’s can purify the air in their room and reduce moisture levels. Which will help them stay healthy.

A 20-square-foot room is the maximum recommended size for the Unibond Aero 360. It may not have enough room for anything larger. Unibond Aero 360 can be used on a surface area of less than 20 square meters.

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