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The Best Jewelry Brands in the UK

Many of the UK’s jewelry districts have an excellent goldsmithing background. It’s no surprise that many UK jewelry platforms go global. We’ve compiled a list of our top preferred British best Jewelry brands in the UK.

We looked at their creative ideologies, heritage, materials, costs, and what makes them unique. Here are our top British the best jewelry brands in the UK:

Taylor & Hart

In 2016, Taylor & Hart renamed itself Rare Pink to become one of the UK’s leading jewelry brands. Taylor & Hart’s ethos is to create meaningful jewelry that conveys a narrative.

Their jewelry is inspired by their customers’ experiences, making each piece unique. Every ring they make has a tiny ruby put into the inner border of the band as an appreciable brand symbol.

Monica Vinader

It’s a Uk premium jewelry brand that promotes uniqueness. Monica Vinader was one of the first designers to make demi-fine jewelry. Her love of color and impressive gemstones defines her jewelry.

For long-term wear, her jewelry is made of sterling silver and gold vermeil. However, Celebrities such as Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson, and the Duchess of Cambridge all own Monica Vinader’s pieces.


Pandora is a Danish brand, it is a popular one in the UK. It started in 1982. The first UK store opened in 2005. Most women in the UK wore the well-known snake-chain bracelets with the charmingly worded “Moments” glamours.

Pandora’s concept is to empower women to express themselves via jewelry. The Moment’s glamours are meant to tell the wearer’s story and form a customized collection of glamours.

Links of London

Links of London is a globally recognized British jewelry company. The business became famous for its excellent silver sweetie bracelets. There were hundreds of charms available to choose from, so no two bracelets were the same. 

The British high street benefited from this outstanding balance of collectability and individuality. People preferred affordable excellent silver over cheap costume jewelry or pricey precious metals.

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe’s jewelry is delicate, quirky, and feminine, expressing British elegance. His team handcraft each item of jewelry from start to finish

He grew up in the country, nature has always had a strong influence on him. Nature and travel have impacted his collections. (See his iconic bee pendants and birdlife collection.) His mix of rustic stylization and graceful materials has become instantly recognizable.


Owners in the jewelry industry are moving quickly to meet their goals. People of all ages appreciate jewelry. There is an increasing number of jewelry brands emerging to meet customer demand.

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