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The Best Car Chargers of 2022

It’s no surprise that mobile devices are getting greater in-car use than ever before at a time when we rely on them for almost everything.

You can go where you want to go with the help of navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and a few more. Using a service like Spotify or Apple Music, you may listen to your favorite music on the go. Allowing the kids to play and watch movies on a tablet can make all the difference in the world when it comes to traveling.

However, all of this comes with a challenge: how to keep everything fully charged. A long trip will drain even the most powerful phone battery in a matter of hours.

Car chargers are helpful in this situation. There’s a car charger for every need, every budget, and every travel out there. Available in a wide selection of wired and wireless models, with additional capabilities that let you do everything from jump-start your car to charge your laptop.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so consider the requirements of both your gadgets and your passengers before making a purchase. No matter where you’re going, these car chargers will keep your phones charged while you’re on the road.

USB Car Chargers

USB car chargers are available in a broad range of price ranges and charging speeds, so you can make sure the kids can power up their iPads in the backseat even if you’re on a budget or traveling with a large group. These are the best choices available to you right this minute.

Best for Faster Charging: Anker PowerDrive Speed 2

No matter if you’re using a phone to navigate or an iPad to watch your children’s favorite shows, road trips may deplete the battery on your devices shockingly quickly.

The power output of your car charger is critical if you don’t want to wait several hours for them to return to 100%. Fast vehicle chargers come in several shapes and sizes, so choosing one that is right for you depends on the gadgets you use.

The good news is that some chargers (such as the Anker PowerDrive Speed 2) mix several charging standards to give you a better chance of charging your smartphone quickly.

The charger has two USB-A ports that can deliver up to 39W of power utilizing Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 or Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ. Even if a device doesn’t support any standard for fast charging, it will still charge at the usual level.

Best for Big Groups: Aikenuo 6 Port Car Adapter

Car chargers with one or two USB ports are easily accessible. It’s not difficult to track down models with three or four USB ports as well. Even four ports won’t suffice if you’re traveling with several gadgets and need to keep them all charged simultaneously.

That’s where the 96W output and six USB connections of the Aikenuo charger come in. Because four of the six ports are QC 3.0-compatible, you’ll be able to charge your devices at up to 19.5W apiece while using those ports. With a total output of 12W, the other two ports can still charge several smartphones swiftly.

To make charging in the rear seat more convenient, extend the charger’s 40-inch cord into the backseat. One of these is a good investment because it’s easy to use and inexpensive.

Best USB C Car Charger: Anker PowerDrive Speed +2

The Anker PowerDrive Speed +2 USB C car charger is an excellent option for charging your USB C phone in the car, even if you don’t have a USB C plug at home.

With the USB C Power Delivery (PD) specification supported by this charger, your device will receive as much power as it needs. When the battery is at about 80% capacity, it starts slowing down again to conserve energy. This charger allows it to charge most items quickly.

You can charge smartphones, tablets, and even particular laptops at full speed with the USB C port’s 30W maximum output because it is more potent than others. Other devices can be charged independently or simultaneously using the USB-A port, which provides up to 19.5W of power.

Our best option for a USB C car charger has all of these capabilities, plus surge protection and the trustworthiness of a well-known brand.

Also, keep in mind that you can use this charger to fast-charge your iPhone. A good USB C to Lightning cable is all you’ll need for this.

Multi-Purpose Car Chargers

Car chargers aren’t just for charging your phone or tablet in the car. With these two devices, you’ll be able to jump-start a dead car, power anything from a laptop to an air compressor, and more.

HULKMAN Alpha85 Car Jump Starter and Power Bank

A dead phone battery is a significant inconvenience, but a dead vehicle battery is even worse. The HULKMAN Alpha85 combined power bank deserves mention even though it is a different type of “vehicle charger” than the others on this list.

It can start engines up to 8.5 liters in capacity (gasoline) or 6.0 liters in power (electricity) thanks to its 20000mAh battery capacity and 2000A maximum output (diesel.) The battery can recharge up to 60 times, which is plenty for most vehicles and pickup trucks.

A pair of detachable alligator clips attach the gadget to the vehicle battery, and a screen displays the battery voltage and alerts the driver if there are any issues. Next, wait for the “ready” prompt before turning the ignition switch. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be back on the road in no time.

A USB-A QC 3.0 port, a USB C Power Delivery port (18W), and a 12v DC connection for automobile accessories like air compressors are all included in this device’s dual-role as a power bank. Strobe, SOS, and regular beam modes are all available on the flashlight’s built-in 400 lumen light.

The Alpha85 can be fast-charged from flat in 90 minutes with the included 65W wall charger, with enough juice for a single jump start in 5 minutes.

You can also check out our other picks for the most delicate portable jump starters if this one doesn’t suit your needs.

BESTEK Car Inverter with Dual 110v and USB

It’s nice to be able to charge your smartphone and tablet, but what about the rest of your equipment? To use a laptop or other 110v equipment that usually requires a wall outlet with a car charger, you’ll need an inverter.

In this case, Bestek did an excellent job for the money, with a pair of earthed 110v North American sockets capable of delivering up to 300W of continuous power and 700W at their maximum rating. So it’s the most incredible automobile outlet adapter for laptops, tablets, and other tiny electronics.

There are two USB ports for charging smaller items with a combined maximum output of 2.4 amps (12w). Instead, you can use the 110v plugs if your gadget requires additional power to fast-charge (such as a laptop or tablet).

It’s an excellent addition for anyone who wants more juice than their smartphone can provide on a road trip.


These are the last thoughts on car chargers. We appreciate your time spent on this page and reading this post. We hope the information we provide is beneficial to you.

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