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The Best Baby Walkers

It seems like yesterday you were holding your small newborn. They’re scooting, crawling, and – gasp — even pulling up to standing. Those milestones go by so fast!

Consider a baby walker as a first birthday gift for your child.

Here’s why a push walker may be a fun way to develop walking abilities, as well as crucial safety issues to bear in mind while shopping.

When can Baby use a Push Walker?

Babies around one year old may start standing or cruising the furniture. Some babies walk months before their first birthday.

Maybe! It’s vital to remember that babies develop at their own pace. Similarly, what your first child did by a given age is not necessarily what your other children will do.

Most push walkers are recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years, with 9 to 12 months being the lowest age range.

Others advise relying on your baby’s physical talents. Consider a push walker when your infant can stand on their own and pull themselves up.

Either way, a push walker might help your infant with some supported walking exercise.

What to Look for in a Baby Walker

You’ll discover that there are many possibilities for walkers (and most baby-related items!). Which? Consider this:

  • Your baby’s flexibility. Some walkers are better for babies who are just sitting up and pulling themselves up. Others are faster and more fun for walkers.
  • What is your flooring? The walker’s weight and material may perform better on carpets, hardwood floors, tile, or a mix of these floors.
  • Do you travel a lot? Some walkers fold flat for travel to a sitter or vacation. Others are bulky and easy to store.
  • Your budget? Walkers can cost anything from $20 to $100.
  • What extras do you want? Some walkers are basic, while others have extra safety features like rubber or locking wheels. Lights and music adorn some walkers, while others are more subdued and constructed of wood. It’s all a matter of taste.
  • Can I use a re-use? Maybe if it’s not too old. Older versions may be recalled or have additional safety hazards, such as broken parts.

How we chose the Best Baby Walkers

Caregivers love the function, safety, and quality of the walkers on this list. They also include baby-friendly features and modern styles that parents will appreciate adding to their living room decor. Here are some of the best parent picks.

1. Best Portable Baby Walker

The Little Tikes 3-in-1 folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

Animal sounds, animal slides, and bright light projections on the floor make up this charming walker with a jungle theme. No tipping or rolling, urge parents. Others like that the wheels can be locked for stationary play.

Notable: Some say the wheels may come off easily, providing a safety issue. Some parents claim the product did not include batteries.

2. Best Baby Walker for Carpet

Plastic body and wheels allow the Sit-to-Stand walkers to glide easily across carpeted flooring. It has a light-up keyboard, play phone, colored gears, and shape sorter (batteries are included).

Parents like that the removable play panel grows with their baby from sitting to standing to walking. Several think it’s easy to assemble and a decent bargain.

Notable: Some say the wheels have a speed adjuster, but it only works on carpet, not wood.

3. Best Baby Walker for Hardwood

This push Baby walker’s hardwood design makes it both stylish and durable. Reviews say this walker works nicely on carpets too! The wheels include rubber rings on them to slow your speed racer down on wooden surfaces.

Several reviews praised the Chomp & Clack’s solidity and whimsical design. Others appreciate the lack of flashing lights and loud music.

This walker is recommended for older babies, not those learning to walk. Due to its lack of built-in locking or slowing devices, despite the rubber rings, it moves swiftly.


Your baby will be walking before you realize it. A walker can make the experience more fun for everyone. Regardless of the walker you choose, constantly supervise your baby when using one.

Also, make sure the space they’re strolling in is babyproofed and clear of obstacles. When little legs begin going, they may go a long way.

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