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The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK

The future of international travel and family vacations abroad remains uncertain. Therefore summer 2021 will be an excellent opportunity to discover the best places in the UK to take children.

Attractions are available all around the country. So you won’t be let down. Medieval castles like Warwick Castle and the Tower of London. Allow children to experience a thousand years of history through sword fights and heroic knights.

As well as visiting Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Families can also take their kids to the quirky and educational Camera. Obscura and the World of Illusions museum, where they can play in mirror mazes and spin through spinning tubes.

There are numerous zoo and nature parks in the UK for animal lovers, like Chessington World of Adventures and Paultons Park, which offer both rides and animal experiences.

Eden Project in Cornwall has interactive exhibitions and exhilarating outdoor experiences, including England’s longest zip wire. Bounce Below in Wales is a fantastic underground trampoline experience.

Before they grow up, take the kids to these UK destinations for a fun-filled family day out since some things are best seen through the eyes of a child. If you’d want to extend your day trip into an overnight stay, check out our list of places to The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK to stay.

1. The Eden Project, Cornwall

The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK - Urban Living

The Eden Project in Cornwall, located in a large crater, is a remarkable attraction that brings us closer to nature. Massive Biomes house the world’s largest indoor rainforest, as well as plants, exhibits, and year-round activities for the whole family.

The Rainforest Canopy Walk, where a rope bridge spans the canopy between two of the Biome’s biggest trees at 50 meters, will be a hit with the little ones.

Big Air (a big airbag jump) and SkyTrek (a high ropes adventure course) are great options for older kids (those over the age of 8), as is the SkyWire, England’s longest and fastest zip wire, which spans 660 meters and reaches speeds of up to 60mph.

2. Warwick Castle, Warwickshire

Explore Warwick Castle’s 1,000-year history, which dates all the way back to William the Conqueror’s time there in 1068. Family fun is plentiful, and children can explore a world of heroic knights and epic battles….. and more! There’s an adventure maze based on Horrible Histories, as well as a Knight School where kids as young as 12 can learn defensive tactics from Warwick Castle’s resident Knight.

There’s a world-class ice rink in the winter, and live performances take place all year long. The Dungeon is a must-see for those seeking a thrilling mix of fun and terror.

3. Bounce Below, Gwynedd

Bounce Below, fantastic family activity in the UK, will be a hit with children. Three enormous trampolines occupy the slate cavern, which is more than twice the size of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

A variety of lights in the caves, which were formerly a Victorian mine, give them a unique aspect. The site is 180 feet underground, and there are four enormous slides that allow you to traverse between levels. It’s a sure bet and a great destination for families with children.

4. Camera Obscura & World of Illusions, Edinburgh

Even after all these years, Edinburgh’s oldest tourist attraction is still one of the best places to take kids in the United Kingdom. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, located at the top of Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile, include interactive exhibits as well as stunning views of the city. Kids of all ages will enjoy exploring the museum’s five floors and more than 100 interactive displays.

The fifth-floor Magic Gallery lets you literally light up the space with your hands using plasma tubes and globes. The fourth-floor Light Gallery features stunning visual effects and illusions, while the fifth-floor Mirror Maze is a surreal experience. Vortex Tunnel, a rotating tunnel that tests your balance as you walk, is a hit with children. The nearby Edinburgh Castle is also a fun family destination.

5. The Tower of London, London

The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK - Urban Living

Children will have a thrill at the Tower of London, Queen Elizabeth’s iconic 1,000-year-old stronghold on the Thames Riverbanks. The Yeoman Warders (also known as Beefeaters), the ravens, and the stunning Crown Jewels will all be highlights for them. The Crown Jewels include 23,578 different kinds of jewels.

Take a Yeoman Warders guided tour to learn about the organization’s dark history and see where people were put to death (Anne Boleyn was executed here). It is possible to observe the traitor’s gate, take part in live reenactments, and walk the battlement walls.

6. Paultons Park, Hampshire

One of the greatest family theme parks in the UK, Paultons Park features over 70 fun rides for kids of all ages. Little ones, however, will be super-excited about the UK’s only Peppa Pig World, with nine Peppa-themed rides and life-sized Peppas and friends.

The park includes roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, and animal and bird attractions, all nestled on 140 acres on the edge of the New Forest National Park.

7. Chessington World of Adventures, Surrey

The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK - Urban Living

Chessington World of Adventures is a great destination in the UK to take kids. because of the combination of up-close animal encounters and over 40 exhilarating rides. Carousels, adventure canopies, pirate ships, and calm boat excursions await the little guests.

Another major attraction is the zoo, which is home to over 1,000 animals, including lions, tigers, gorillas, monkeys, and penguins, among other species. The Croc Drop, a new attraction for 2021, will plunge riders 25 meters into the gaping jaws of a crocodile named Sobek. The ancient Egyptian god of the crocodile and protector of the Nile River.

8. Drayton Manor Theme Park, Staffordshire

Drayton Manor Park serves children of all ages. Apocalypse, the 54-meter drop tower, should satisfy older youngsters, while the 15-acre zoo appeals to a wide range of visitors.

Thomas Land is a kid’s dream come true with more than 25 attractions. Aside from the amusement and entertainment, there are informative seminars, workshops, and activities on everything from dinosaurs to rollercoaster science.

9. The British Science Museum, London

The 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK - Urban Living

When visiting the Science Museum, children’s heads will be blown by the museum’s designation as the “house of human inventiveness.”

Learn about the science underlying everything from Loo to robotics. See the original Apple computer, fly a plane in a flight simulator, and take in an IMAX 3D film in the amazing Space museum. What’s the most advantageous thing? It’s a great spot to take kids to the UK because it’s completely free to enter.

10. Warner Bros Studio Tour, Leavesden

The youngsters’ surprise will be overwhelming as they discover this amazing destination. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour takes you inside Harry Potter’s wizarding universe for an unforgettable day out.

Butterbeer tasting and flying on Harry’s Nimbus 2000 make it a great place to take youngsters at any time of year. The Celebration of Slytherin event will be held in 2021, and it will allow students to learn all about the dark magic of Slytherin House.


We’ve created a list of the top 10 Best Places to Take Children in the UK greatest places to take kids in the UK based on our research and tourist information. I hope that after reading this article, you will have many options for where to take your children to the UK.

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