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Pets: The Ultimate Guide Of Pets

Pets: The Ultimate Guide Of Pets | FREE SHIPPING | Urban Living

We all know about pets so no need on dwelling on this for too long. We love pets! Pets require different needs be it a Dog, Snake, Hamster, etc. We all know that giving dog food to a cat or snake will not be a good idea. Instead of basic common sense, we will guide pet owners, present and future through numerous subjects regarding pet care, What pet should you get, with small fun facts sprinkled on top. This article is perfect if you are a pet owner or have thoughts about getting a pet.

What pet should you get?

There are many options involving pets out there. Perhaps you want a reptile pet, fish pet, even an exotic pet, or perhaps just any adorable pet. Though, you don’t really need a list of pets to find one suited for you. If you want to get a pet you should get a pet that fits a set of desired traits you want from it. You should ask yourself:
Why do you want a pet? Do you just want to fill in some time? or maybe you want to see an adorable pet you play with!
How much time can you give your friend? Enough time to take it on walks? An Hour A Day?
What is your home like? Is it big? Small? Does it have a backyard?
How much money are you able to spend on your friend? What’s your budget?
This is important for the sake of the animal and you. Providing animals with a good environment for your pet is important. If you can’t fulfill its needs then you should try to set the environment and everything else for both you and your friend. If you have a low budget then see if you can get a pet that is cheaper and doesn’t need too much expensive stuff.

If you have a kid then you may want to pick a good pet for kids that is easy for them to handle.

The most popular pet in the UK is Dogs. A survey shows that 33% of UK Households own dogs for pets. The 2nd most popular are cats where about 27% of UK Households own a cat. Cats are dogs are by far the most popular pets across the world so it is seriously no surprise, whatsoever.

Pet Grooming

Pets: The Ultimate Guide Of Pets | FREE SHIPPING | Urban Living

An Animal’s hair needs to be trimmed too. It is best to visit a vet and have an experienced groomer do it for you, but you can do it at home if you wish. Though, it needs a careful hand and lots of time. It is best for your pet to stay still. You can’t just cut all the hair, all you need to do is make the hair shorter. You should trim the hair around your pet’s eyes to prevent any eye damage and to help them see better. If you want, you can give a treat afterward. You can try to trim the hair in your pet’s ears if it is needed. By trimming the hair there, it will reduce the chances of an ear infection.

Again, It is highly recommended to visit a vet to do it.
You need to buy dog hair clippers to actually trim your dog’s hair.

Brushing their Teeth

Like us humans, Animals should have their teeth brushed. It is important to brush your friend’s teeth at least twice a day. If it is not regularly brushed then it can lead to dental diseases then tooth loss.

If your pet is hesitant then give them some toothpaste to taste and gradually build some trust. To brush their teeth you should make an effort to be gentle and careful and do circular motions across the teeth as most humans do. Try not to brush too hard/aggressively to avoid gum bleeding. If you find some gum bleeding while brushing a cat’s teeth then no need to fret as that is common for the first time.

It is important to NEVER use human toothpaste on your pet’s teeth. Find a toothpaste that I designed to work safely on your pet. Be it a dog, or a cat. The same goes for toothbrushes. Just never use human dental care products on your cat and go for ones that are just for pets. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes for different animals exist and they are what you must opt for.

Bathing your pet

We all know we should bathe our pets but every newmade pet owner has questions.

Fun Fact: Cat’s don’t really need baths, all you really need for them to replace that front is the right cat brush to eliminate dead hairs and matting, while also creating a soothing massage for them.

When bathing your pet you need to choose where. Smaller types can be done in the sink. Biggers ones can be done in your bathroom’s tub. Be sure to use lukewarm water as they don’t like to be cold or burnt you should keep it a little cooler for larger pets. Before any of this, brush your pet’s hair, if you can’t, take them to a professional.

You should also use good shampoo designed for dogs because it will dry their skin a lot less than human shampoo. You should also be very careful to not get any soap in their eyes. Be careful to avoid directly shooting water in their nose, eyes, and ears.

Things to make sure of are talking to your pet in a calm and reassuring voice, Especially if this is their first time. This will keep them more relaxed in the bath which is great for your and them, meaning a reduced chance for mistakes. Afterward, give them a treat! (1 Tip is to give them over to a professional who will do it just as great as you would ever do.)

Pets Care

Pets: The Ultimate Guide Of Pets | FREE SHIPPING | Urban Living

Pets care is a lot more packed with must knows so it is very important to do some research on whatever you get for your pet. Getting help from professionals will work wonders for your dog when the advice is put or routine is applied. Always source whatever you get for your pets from trusted businesses like Treat your friend with love! There are also many other trusted brands that work with pet-related products.

Some products you may need are carpet shampooers for pets that mess up your carpet and just carpets for pets as well. Getting Couch covers for pets that mess up your couch is also a good choice. If you want to treat your dog with some style, dog tags are a good option if your friend is prone is getting lost.

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