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Leather Jacket: Styling With A Hoodie

Leather Jacket: Styling With A Hoodie - Urban Living

The leather jacket is one of the most recognizable and distinctly American fashion trends of all time. Leather has been popular in the United States for many years. Take a look at the number of times it has been used in popular culture. Since the days of James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Wesley Snipes, men’s leather jackets have been a staple of American fashion for decades. 

Today, a hoodie is one of the most fashionable ways to accessorize with a brown leather jacket. This is a look that can be dressed up or down, depending on how it’s styled.

How to Choose a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets come in a wide range of colors, textures, and cuts, making it easy to find the right one for you. Choosing a leather jacket that matches your style and feels is essential. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you don’t feel good in it. Good quality leather should have a velvety feel to it. 

Choose a thicker hide if you want something tough, like a biker jacket, to shield you from the elements. While some people prefer lighter-weight hides because they are easier to layer, they don’t give the same level of weatherproofing as heavier hides.

People who know what they’re talking about characterizing the greatest leathers as having a soapy texture. Leather biker jackets, leather bomber jackets, field coats, cafe racer jackets, and leather moto jackets are among the most popular leather jackets. 

As of now, long leather jackets, especially trenches, are considered dated. Security guards and investigators in particular bring up ideas of 90s working stiffs. As for men, the synthetic leather jacket they wear is mediocre. It’s always best to wear a piece of clothing with a sense of self-assurance. If it’s you, just go for it. Be in charge of your own destiny.

Pairing a Leather Jacket With the Right Hoodie

Leather Jacket: Styling With A Hoodie - Urban Living

Men’s leather jackets look great paired with hoodies right now. It’s really trendy in Europe. This look is wonderful because it’s both casual and classy. It’s the new urban hipster outfit. Wearing a sweatshirt under a sleek leather jacket (or removing the hood) conveys urban toughness. People who like this look generally work in IT or the arts. It’s a new trend. So, whether you’re 20 or 50, this combo can be a regular in your rotation.

Of course, two thick layers can look great. And the hoodie should be thick. So choose your jacket and hoodie with care. This is an easy look to get right. When done incorrectly, it can look lumpy and small. You want to look like you walked out of GQ or SI. You don’t want to look like a Steven Seagal henchman. The jacket shouldn’t be too narrow or fitting to work. A classic leather jacket with a body is required.

Your hoodie should also be thick and full. This style calls for a classic hoodie, not a lightweight. The Idle Man makes solid essentials that go with this style. Their greatest sweatshirts are vintage-inspired Champion crewnecks in heathered grey and basic neutrals. 

Hoodies with zippers or pullovers are suitable. Brands like T.I.M. Wearable preppy variants with Gap and J Crew sweaters

Choosing the Right Pairing

Completing the look is simple. Begin with a T-shirt. Wear a hoodie. Overlap your favorite brown leather jacket. In general, neutrals are your best friend when matching a hoodie with a leather jacket. A bright yellow hoodie was a favorite of one of my best pals in NYC. Wear it daily. As lovely as he is, it looks bad. Don’t be a Jared here.

Gray goes well with black leather. Or brown. The contrast of light and dark colors is stunning. It adds aesthetic appeal. In particular, real leather jackets in black are particularly adaptable. Choose blues or darker greys. Greens, especially muted or forest greens, work well with brown bomber jackets. And a brown leather jacket.

The jacket is worn open, revealing the hoodie underneath. The hood should always be popped out behind the collar. Of course, fashionable guys in New York and New England need to zip up their jackets and hoods, especially in the fall and winter. 

This look’s realism is a big plus. It works well for both elegance and warmth. Remember that thicker biker-style leather jackets will also resist rain and snow. LL Bean jackets are also noted for their durability. Water will bead on properly prepared leather.

Keeping the Look Under Budget

Leather Jacket: Styling With A Hoodie - Urban Living

This is a look that can be created at any budget. Of course, the cheaper the actual leather jacket, the poorer the quality. If you’re worried about the expense of a hooded jacket, consider vintage. Leather can be found cheaply at estate sales, consignment shops, costume shops, and thrift stores. 

Don’t forget online sources. Quality necessities like leather jackets may be found cheap on retail platforms like Poshmark.

If you buy used or vintage, seek evidence of great quality. Remember that high-quality leather is cut and sewn in the same way as woven fabrics. Extra-seam leather jackets aren’t just for show. Those are rare cuts. This is usually done to save money and maximize the volume of a hide. 

Lots of weird scraps and pieces from the floor go into these jackets. Minimal seaming can help you distinguish premium leathers from afar. This can save you time when shopping.

Hooded Leather Jacket – Pros and Cons


  • This is a look that can easily transition from the office to a night out on the town.
  • A hoodie paired with a leather jacket is a simple outfit. Almost everyone can wear this piece of clothing.
  • Easy to put together, this style is ideal for the young at heart. Invest in excellent necessities and you’ll have something you can wear for a long time.


  • This outfit combines two American classics: the blazer and the denim jacket.
  • This look has the potential to make you look like an 80s bouncer if done incorrectly. Your costume should be free of lumps and bumps, so make sure to check it before you put it on.
  • This outfit is quite adaptable, although it doesn’t quite qualify as business casual. If you work in a more conservative industry, you may want to keep this for Fridays.


One of the hottest trends for winter 2021 is a leather jacket with a hoodie. This ensemble is arguably a new classic. Actors, musicians, and tradesmen alike wear it. This look is very democratic. It works on the farm or in the city. 

This combination works well for any size, income, or age. That’s what makes it democratic and modern. How will you wear it? How far will you go? Like our advice or did we miss something? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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