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Best Basic Kids Stationary For School

Best Basic Kids Stationary For School | FREE SHIPPING | Urban Living

As we are approaching the school season parents and rushing to get their children ready to go. Getting basic needs like kids stationary has proven to be important. That might be even more difficult if you’re juggling that, House Chores, and Work. The last 2 weeks of vacation are actually somewhat chaotic as parents rush to shop around in an effort to find stationery, as they make sure to buy the appropriate uniform and the appropriate haircut.

Parents should know what kid’s school stationery equipment they need for their children. The list may widen once they approach higher grades. It’s is good to know what to buy for your child and keep a good list of everything so you can effectively balance everything out and return to a normal life. On that note, here’s a list of everything to buy for the school season to get ready for!

Pencil Case

A Pencil case is an important part of a kid’s stationary since it’s easy to use and kids will not need to go scrounging through the depths of their school bag to find an eraser. Nowadays, there is also a vast selection of cheap pencil cases based on a kid’s favorite cartoon character. A shortlist of pencil cases with cartoons characters on them are Spiderman, Else, Superman, Hello Kitty, etc. Getting one will certainly raise your child’s love for school even more. Another excellent idea is to get them a personalized pencil case. It’s something that your child will immediately love once they see it.


There are surprisingly many kids who don’t have scissors despite numerous arts and crafts activities that the school holds simply because the parents forget or maybe think it’s too dangerous, though, that mindset is most certainly a bad one. If you are worried about them getting injured then fret not, because there are numerous scissors that are super safe. If you forget, then make sure to put that on your mind since creativity is important for children, especially younger ones.

Compass Box

A Compass Box is an essential staple of a student’s needs. This arises once they hit higher classes like 5th grade and higher. A Compass box contains all the necessary needs for a child studying topics in geometry, the maths equipment names contain a compass, a Protractor, A Divider, and other basic kids stationary items like a Ruler, Pencil, and Eraser!


Glue is a big part of arts and crafts for children. It’s always annoying when you need to go ask around for a glue stick when in the middle of work as a kid. I’m sure you, the parent, must have experienced it at least once or twice when you were young. The Glue is easily washable so you don’t need to share any concerns about your precious child using them.


Crayons are widely used amongst younger kids at home, and especially at school. It’s a must-have when kitting up your little one for school. Crayons are a great part of the fun that school brings for them and giving them their pack of many crayons will much so spark that joy of school, and for drawing which will prove to be good for their future.

Sketch Pens

Sketch Pens are tools for inspiring creativity and maybe the rise of a new hobby for your child. It never hurts a child to indulge in a hobby. After all, that only gives benefits to your child. They need a sketch pen nowadays, They even need some in different secondary colors. You can find packs with many different shades which provide more uses and tools for their works. They are also important in school because these days, schools choose to let kids sketch for art classes.


Calculators definitely prove important when approaching upper classes when topics like geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry get introduced into the fold. They always last very long and prove important. The only concern you have is your child cheating in math but, the teacher will most likely stop that from happening, so it shouldn’t be too big of an issue.


Markers are another creative outlet that inspires kids. Schools encourage creativity nowadays with art classes and such. It provides benefits to their future and something to keep them busy. With multiple bright colorful colors, it’s no secret why outlets like these are being encouraged.

Electric Sharpener

An electric sharpener is a reliable and handy gadget that shaves off sometimes while sharpening. They are really easy to use and require no effort so your kid doesn’t suffer from any distractions. Electric Sharpeners can also inspire some excitement in them. It doesn’t at all hurt to get one since any kid would be really excited to use such a unique gadget compared to a simple traditional sharpener. Although, basic sharpeners are also a fine tool. They have the same effect and not too much of a difference.

Correction Pen

A Correction pen is a simple and unique gadget that effectively covers up written mistakes. It is especially handy if your child is using a pen to write instead of a pencil. They are completely safe to use and their effects are washable in case they get on their hands.

Color Pencils

Color Pencils are a classic staple in childhood. They can be enjoyed by all ages, boy or girl. They are beloved and a must-have for kids stationary boxes. It sparks creativity in a kid and provides a needed source of entertainment that any child must indulge in!

School Bags

Best Basic Kids Stationary For School | FREE SHIPPING | Urban Living

Schools bags are a brainer and super important when it comes to a child’s educational journey. They keep your kid’s focused on their tasks so they don’t need to pick up their books again when they are just trying to do their work. A school bag is a simple way to carry everything very easily. They are simply a must-have and put above everything else!

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