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How to Style Leather Jackets

How to Style Leather Jackets

In the early 1900s worn as a flight Jacket, the Leather Jacket is now an essential style for women more than 100 years on. But knowing how to style a leather jacket is not just anyone’s job.

Whether you’re going out on a date or hanging out with friends on the weekend, there is one fashion costume that makes you look fresh all day long – the leather jacket. An ultimate high fashion outfit synthesizes fashion and class in such a way that few others can hope to match.

Going for Leather, online fashion stores are now offering a variety of Leather Jackets. Drenched in subcultural references and ultra-modern trends. You can wear it with high-waist jeans or with a mini skirt to make it more feminine. It can also be worn on body-con dresses or with your favorite T-shirt.

So with all these outfit ideas, how should you wear a Leather jacket today? Read on to follow our simple yet classy ideas to style your favorite fashion item according to your personal style.

Leather Jackets For Women – A Trendy Clothing Item

The leather jacket has only increased in its acclamation. Becoming more and more desired with every coming year, the style has aged like fine wine. With fashion icons and supermodels the next group to acquire the trend in their own lives, it became more sustainable for the leather jacket to be seen as a softer, more casual, high fashion clothing item.

The runway was not the only place where these models would be seen exhibiting a perfect leather jacket. Celebrities such as the super charismatic Kate Moss started sporting statement leather jackets in their off-duty looks, making it ordinary street style. The widespread fad of wearing leather jackets for casual events reached new heights.

Thanks to that, there are various styles of leather jackets available today from The Urban living. From grunge and edgy studded leather jackets to some vibrantly colored, bold fashion jackets to contemporary, minimalistic designs – leather jackets of modern times are fit for every occasion.

 Types 10 Leather Jackets Used in Today’s Fashion World

  1. The bomber jacket
  2. The Biker Jacket
  3. The motorcycle racer Jacket
  4. The leather blazer
  5. The shearling leather jacket
  6. White leather jacket
  7. Red leather jacket
  8. Blue long Leather Jacket
  9. Green long Leather Jacket
  • High-shine leather aviator Jacket

Creative Ideas For Leather Jacket Wearers

  • Black Leather Jacket

Everyone owns a leather jacket; high-flying stockbrokers, celebrities, models, bikers, and even the average Joe.

Leather jackets are incredibly powerful pieces of fashion – they’re stylish, bold, and make a statement. It’s no wonder that they’re so universally loved!

The leather jacket is the most classic item in your wardrobe. It goes perfectly with a comfortable pair of t-shirt and jeans and compliments a flowy dress too – if matched carefully. Leather jackets come in many forms, and this is why it is important that you understand which style goes with what outfit. Understanding this won’t just help you buy the best jacket to suit your personality, but will also make you look like a million dollars as soon as you step out the door.

A quality leather jacket can be paired with the most unembellished or the most extravagant of getups. It has the capacity of lasting for years and can even be passed down through generations if taken care of properly. Wearing the right leather jacket can give you a powerful and enchanting aura that’s perfect to show that you mean business

  • Brown Leathered Biker Jacket

A Brown biker jacket is one of the most commonly seen types of leather coat; an iconic collar chased upwards by a silver zipper and a thin belt that sits at the wearer’s waist. It will make you appear bold, confident and edgy, whilst greatly complementing most outfits in your wardrobe!

Pair your flight jacket with a cozy pair of dark Timberlands or winter long boots to keep yourself slinky through the colder months. Make sure your wear bold makeup and your hair are done!

  • Faux Leather Jacket

The word faux has been roaming around for quite some time now and is presently the hip new word in fashion. From fashion attire to accessories, décor, and furnishing, faux leather in particular; has never been as widely applauded as it is at the moment.

If you’re bored with traditional black leather jackets, spice things up a bit with a faux one. Pair it with gray skinny jeans to make your outfit pop in any weather.

Stylish and enduring a faux leather jacket is an ethical and effortless way to tie together an informal outfit, up the ante on a night out, and add a fresh twist to a favorite getup. Guilt-free jackets come in so many different styles; you can choose something different for every event.


  • Red Leathered Jacket

Isn’t a red trench coat style leather jacket adorable? This is perfect for women who love to pick out a leathery look but keep it delicate and feminine. The frill model of this jacket makes it a quirky piece and can make you stand apart from the crowd. Wear this on a rainy evening over a cute dress and get ready to grab some eyeballs.

Red leather jackets are available in both traditional as well as non-traditional styles. Traditional styles consist of bomber and aviator jackets, whereas non-traditional styles comprise cropped, hooded and half-sleeve jackets.


Some people automatically presume that typical leather jacket styles are the best, but this isn’t always the cast. You may find a non-typical style offers a higher level of fashion and versatility. The only way you’ll know is by experimenting with different looks. So, don’t confine yourself to only wearing a traditional red leather jacket. Feel free to explore non-traditional styles.


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