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How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe?

How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe? - Urban Living

Garden hosepipe is an important component of your residence. Even if you do not grow, garden hose pipe is required for a variety of jobs such as vehicle washing, house cleaning, cooler filling, and so on. As a result, it is critical that a garden hose pipe is of the highest quality.

There are a variety of garden hosepipes on the market. A range of colors, sizes, lengths, and materials are available. Finding the correct garden hose pipe for your needs might be difficult at times.

We’ve created this Blog to help you choose the best garden hose pipe. With a proper garden pipe, we mean that you will enjoy using it and feel glad to have purchased it.

Let’s get started.

What is the purpose of using a garden Hose pipe?

The first step is to define the expected usage of the garden pipe.

Are you planning to utilize it for gardening or house construction? It might be any of the two or both. A high-quality garden hose pipe may be used for both purposes. The major reason for being specific about the planned use is that it will help you to select the suitable size and quality of the pipe.

Second, if you want to utilize accessories with your hose pipe, choosing the proper garden hose pipe is important. Because the usage of certain attachments puts the load on the garden pipe. If your garden hose pipe is light or medium-duty, you may be wasting money.

Overall, taking the first steps in the right direction can save you a lot of time and money and protect you from mental anxiety.

Important qualities

  • Number of layers
  • Knitted or woven reinforcement
  • Braided/wrapped
  • Expandable
  • Non-twist
  • Microporous

The effect of the number of layers on the hose pipe’s quality

How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe? - Urban Living

When we talk about quality, we’re referring to the hose pipe’s resistance, which is mostly determined by the number of layers. As a result, the layer is directly proportional to the product’s quality and durability.

Multilayer hose pipes are now available. A three-layer hose pipe is regarded to be a low-cost item. A hosepipe with 4-6 layers is less likely to cause an accident and is more resistant to friction wear (abrasion), bending, knots and tangles, pinching, and crushing, as well as climatic risks like UV radiation and temperature changes.

Reinforcements in the hose pipes assist to avoid kinking and bending, which can cause problems with the hose’s layout.

The main types of hose pipes for watering the garden

How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe? - Urban Living

Drip tube. Because it has several connections, the drip tube allows irrigation water to be supplied straight to the base of flower beds and other plants (to be laid out as required by yourself). Because drip irrigation employs drippers, it is often composed of PVC.

Woven or knitted reinforced hose pipes. The hosepipe with the infamous 4-6 layers is the woven or knitted reinforced pipe. It contains a component in its mesh or lattice that prevents it from kinking and so increases its resistance.

Braided Pipe. This pipe frequently has three layers. The thin wire mesh in the hose pipe’s center makes it resistant. It does not bend and is more water pressure resistant.

Expandable pipe. The expanding hose pipe has a short length and a tiny diameter, making it ideal for irrigating in close proximity or performing routine cleaning tasks. It’s frequently offered with all of the necessary connections, as well as a spray nozzle and/or spray gun.

Non-twist pipe. You will have a high-tech hose with a non-twist hose pipe. It is therefore resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation, as well as being flexible, non-twisting, and very simple to handle. It’s the pinnacle of irrigation hoses.

Microporous pipe. When you wish to water crops on a wide area in a long and well-distributed way, the microporous (soaker) hose pipe is even more beneficial. Instead of spraying the plants, the tube irrigates them by releasing water via the micropores.

What to look for when buying HosePipe? 

How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe? - Urban Living

You should have a solid understanding of what to look for when purchasing an expandable garden hose pipe by now. However, here is a checklist to assist you:

  • Check to see what sort of inner tube is being used and where it was made. For example,TPU/Latex or anything else.
  • If TPU is used, anticipate worse quality and a shorter lifespan.
  • If you use dual latex, you might expect a lifespan of a few months.
  • Inspect the connectors to see if they are brass or plastic.
  • If brass connections are used, make sure the inner tube is not latex, since this can cause a chemical reaction, causing the hose pipe to break after a few uses.
  • If plastic connections are used, be sure the material is of good quality.
  • Make sure the pipe is the right size. Stick to the size chart.
How to select the Best Quality garden HosePipe? - Urban Living
  • Check that the inner hosepipe is connected to the brass fitting with a metal clip or an interlocking function, as if it isn’t, the hose pipe will leak from the connections after a few uses.
  • Examine the outside fabric’s quality. Fabrics with 600D*600D or 400D*400D nylon are far more durable than those with 300D*600D or 420D*800D nylon.

Here are some tips for maintaining the garden Hose Pipe

The sun is the enemy of hose pipes in hot weather, regardless of type. As a result, don’t leave it out in the garden in direct sunshine throughout the summer.

To avoid stagnant water building inside the hoses, remember to remove the water from the tube each time it is used.

Make sure you rotate in the right way. If you don’t let your pipe bent back and knotted for several months, it will last longer.

When winter approaches, the pipe fittings must be drained and emptied of all water and put in the garage or garden hut for the winter.


The basic change we need to make in our purchasing habits is to prioritize quality over price. You may undoubtedly make a good option and obtain full value for your money based on the following few identification factors.

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