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Best Power Banks for Charging Your Phone on the Go

Our smartphones have become so important to our daily lives that they have almost become a part of us. When it comes to traveling, they are mobile boarding cards, handbooks, and Gps devices. It’s nearly unbearable to watch your smartphone’s battery run out without power banks while you pray it will direct you to your next destination before shutting down. 

Having a portable phone charger on hand is a must-have tech accessory for anyone who relies heavily on their smartphone. Power banks charger come in various shapes and sizes, and they’re not all made equal. 

We’ve tested a lot of them with our smartphones and compiled a list of our favorites having the ability to recharge and portability. These are the best power banks for charging your phone on the go, no matter if you’re going on a tough outdoor trip or a city vacation.

The Most Important Considerations When Purchasing Power Banks

Best Power Banks for Charging Your Phone on the Go

This isn’t the first power bank or portable charger. The design of a portable charger isn’t enough if your phone is a business tool, as it is for us when we travel.

There is a mAh number on power banks that tells you the theoretical charging capacity, which is a number that most of us don’t pay much attention to. mAh stands for milliampere-hours. The average battery capacity of today’s smartphones is 2800mAh. You should expect to get two full charges out of a power bank that has 6000mAh of capacity.

In addition to mAh, we value speed of charging, battery life, and portability above everything else when purchasing a power bank.

Here are some top selections for the greatest power banks on the market.

Best Fast Charging Power Banks

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000

Power banks made by Anker are a popular choice. Performance-wise, the Speed 10000 is comparable to popular Mi power banks. With Anker’s exclusive ‘Power IQ’ technology, any device can be charged as quickly as possible with this power bank. It even incorporates heat control to minimize battery overheating, which is a problem for power banks that charge quickly. Additionally, the PowerCore Speed 10000 is small enough to put in your palm or pocket!

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3

Best Power Banks for Charging Your Phone on the Go

Xiaomi power banks are the greatest option if you’re searching for the most bang for your cash. In spite of their basic style, Mi Power Banks are capable of among of the fastest charging speeds.   The ability to charge two gadgets at once is one of its most notable advantages. As large capacity power banks tend to take longer to charge, this can be a huge assistance. 

There will be no problem thanks to the Xiaomi power banks. High-density batteries in the Mi Power Bank 3 allow for many charges on both Apple and Android smartphones. In addition, the battery’s 15.3mm thickness makes it one of the slimmest high-capacity power banks.

Best Compact Power Banks

Anker PowerCore Mini

Sometimes, all you need is a phone battery charger that is small enough to fit in an evening bag or a pocket. 3350mAh of charging power comes in a lip balm tube from the Anker PowerCore Mini. In roughly 3-4 hours, an iPhone 8 will be fully charged.

Colors range from black to feminine metallic pink. Short circuits and other technological dangers are avoided by a multi-protect system installed on the device as well More than 26,000 customers have given it a positive review on Amazon, giving it a 4.5-star rating.

Travel pouch, micro USB cable, and an 18-month warranty are included with Anker PowerCore Mini.

Yoobao M4 Pro

Best Power Banks for Charging Your Phone on the Go

Power bank charge indicators can be too unclear at times. The Yoobao M4 Pro is a good choice for you if you share this sentiment. Using a digital display, the M4Pro shows how much battery life is remaining. 

If you have to keep track of how much battery you have left, this is the perfect power bank for you. It’s time to get your Yoobao power bank!

Best Multi-Purpose Power Banks

Anker PowerCore 26800mAh Portable Power Bank

If you plan on taking your smartphone on a trip abroad, Anker provides one of the best power banks to keep it charged up. You don’t have to worry about running out of juice when bouncing from city to city with the PowerCord 26800 mAh Portable Power Bank. This power bank is renowned for its ability to alleviate the problem of long battery recharge periods. 

Because they take so long to recharge, large-capacity power banks are generally avoided by consumers. Because of this, this Anker power bank has two micro USB connections. You can effectively double the charging speed of a power bank by connecting two micro USB cables directly to an electrical outlet!

It takes about six hours for a complete recharge, but it’s worth it when you consider how much energy you’ll need for a long day out.

Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition Powerbank

Do you enjoy playing Nintendo Switch games? In that case, Anker’s PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition power bank would be a good option for you to consider purchasing. For those who frequently play their games online, this is the greatest power bank for your console. 

You can get up to 10 hours of additional remote playtime with this special power bank that has been tuned for Nintendo Switch systems. The charger doesn’t even require you to stop playing!

Is there a need to charge additional devices at the same time? Additionally, the PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition can charge your cell phone and other USB-enabled gadgets. Having the correct cable is all you need to do to get a much-needed charge!


A Power Bank is needed by nearly everyone who utilizes USB-powered devices because it’s more convenient to use a Power Bank rather than a traditional wall charger. To summarise, here are a few things to acknowledge.

Power Banks are here to make our lives easier, and we must make use of them. When it comes to fashion accessories, a Power Bank is one of the best options because it comes in different styles and costs less than a Smart Phone. You may make a fashion statement by carrying a Power Bank in a stylish case. 

Power Banks can be left plugged in overnight and there are virtually no risks of damage to the gadget, so you can avoid the dangers of overcharging and explosions on your smartphone.

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