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10 Best Woody Colognes and Fragrances for Men

While an overly citrus fragrance or spicy cologne may have a lot of personalities, they frequently lack depth and warmth in comparison to the best woody colognes and perfumes for men. As is the case with the earth, these perfumes are exquisitely layered and brimming with natural sensuality. 

One of the woody ingredients is said to suggest timeless masculinity and, as a result, to send pleasant waves of warm pheromones throughout the room. In other words, dab or spray one of these 10 Best woody Colognes & Fragrances for Men and expect to be noticed by the ladies. Therefore, these perfumes are frequently regarded as the top men’s scents on the market.

1. Odin 09 Posala by Odin New York

While Odin 09 is an earthy cologne, it also plays well with a range of other appealing scents. Peach and pear blossom top notes give way to bourbon vanilla and orange blossom middle notes, which are both intensely sweet and zesty. 

For the scent’s earthiness, a blend of tobacco and amber is used in the base notes. One of the best colognes for men, in my opinion.

2. Tom Ford Private Blend Oud Wood Eau De Parfum Spray

Despite its high cost, this woody cologne is well worth the money. One of Tom Ford’s secret collections, this woody cologne has a long-lasting, sumptuous scent. It makes use of musky oud, as well as amber and vanilla elements, to create a sweet, savory, and woody scent. 

This top woody fragrance is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with a truly distinctive perfume. It’s been a long time since there was a great wood perfume.

3. The Art of Shaving Cologne Intense

Art of Shaving’s Cologne Intense collection features smells inspired by barbering and made with natural raw materials. Thus, richness involves the entire cologne and fragrance collection. 

For instance, in the Vetiver Citron entrance, expect the citrus perfume of fresh grapefruit combined with light, bright notes of grass and wood and a spicy core. Woody cologne The Art of Shaving Cologne Intense is a high-end scent at an affordable price.

4. Lagerfeld By Karl Lagerfeld

For a long time now, Lagerfield Eau de Toilette has been luring people’s minds and noses alike. This wood perfume’s deep, warm golden hue is enough to send endorphins soaring. When you first open it, the top scents of nutmeg and orange greet you. 

Patchouli, sandalwood, rose, and tobacco-laced heart follows. Oriental Musk and vanilla in the base notes add sweetness and spice to the fragrance. The unquestionably inexpensive price tag from a well-known high-end brand seals the deal on this earthy fragrance with sandalwood.

5. Guilty Pour Homme Spray by Gucci EDT

Being accused of crafting an overtly masculine perfume infused with powerful, sensual allure puts this iconic woody fragrance on trial as Gucci stands guilty as charged. 

Guilty Pour Homme’s flowery and citrus top notes are complemented by robust cinnamon and an earthy base in a strong metal and glass bottle. When it’s done right, you’ll have a timeless classic on your hands.

6. Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood

Yves Saint Laurent created this magnificent unisex fragrance with powerful woody ingredients such as oud and cedar. This is offset by earthy, floral, and spicy notes, creating an overall profile that is as gentle as it is assertive, as cool as it is hot. 

If you purchase this acclaimed fragrance, we recommend hiding it from view when your cheeky friends come over, as jokes regarding the name are almost certain.

7. Eau D’Aromes by Armani

Fendi, the Italian fashion label, turns up the intensity on this bold and powerful Eau de Toilette. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto begins with a fiery burst of cardamom and pink pepper before transitioning to an equally assertive center of oud wood and grassy vetiver. 

A base containing opoponax resin intensifies the heat of a good thing. Everything in this woody men’s fragrance favors extremes, from the bottle design to the perfume itself. Proceed as necessary.

8. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

Intenso is a powerful men’s fragrance from renowned luxury house Dolce & Gabbana. It features a creamy richness and a crisp, aquatic opening. 

A new wood-based ingredient is known as Moepel accord. However, gives this earthy masculine fragrance its long-lasting dark chocolate and tobacco scent.

9. Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood Eau De Parfum Spray

When it comes to Comme des Garcons‘ renowned men’s fragrance, you know what to expect just by looking at the name: Wonderwood. This evocative enchanter features vetiver, sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, oud, and Guaiac wood and cypress in its formulation. 

That is to say, there is a great deal of wood. However, this cologne with sandalwood never smells overpowering as a result. Men love it since it is one of the best woody scents and macho colognes out there.

10. Dsquared2 He Wood Rocky Mountain Eau de Toilette Spray

Backed by the idea that “Nature Always Wins,” Dsquared2 ups the bar on woodiness by encasing this undeniably woody men’s fragrance in a woody bottle. Expect nothing less than the desired essence of the wide outdoors from the smell. Amber, musk, incense, vetiver, and cedar notes evoke the spirit of Canada’s mountains and their zillions of trees. 

However, don’t take this to mean you’ll smell like a manly man it’s like capturing the fresh mountain air and water in a bottle with a fresh earthy, wood cologne perfume. You will be hard-pressed to find a more macho perfume.


As you are familiar with, fragrances are one of the most important things for men. While going to a meeting, attending a party, or simply hanging out with your friends and family. These woody colognes and perfumes are well worth the money on them. 

You should give it a shot at least once. We hope you enjoy this blog; we are always on the lookout for interesting things to share with you after conducting extensive research and reading reviews.

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